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WIP Poster Session & Interactive Demos

Session Chairs:
  • Sebastian Osswald, Technische Universität München
  • Jibo He, Wichita State University

Works in Progress

Collective Data Sharing to Improve on Driving Efficiency and Safety
Andreas Riener, Johann Reder

Taxi Checker: A Mobile Application for Real-Time Taxi Fare Analysis
Sebastian Osswald, Carsten Brickwedde, Martin Schoell, Niklas Brueckel, Markus Lienkamp

To See or Not to See? How Do Eye Movements Change Within Immersive Driving Environments
Diana Reich, Rainer Stark

Evaluation of Driver Stress while Transiting Road Tunnels
Marcel Manseer, Andreas Riener

Integrating User Experience validation into a new engineering development process for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Maik Auricht, Claas Blume, Rainer Stark

PapAR: Paper Prototyping for Augmented Reality
Felix Lauber, Claudius Böttcher, Andreas Butz

NERVteh 4DOF motion car driving simulator
Matej Vengust, David Mozina, Luka Zevnik, Bostjan Kaluza, Ales Tavcar, Nika Pusenjak, Jaka Sodnik

An Automotive HMI Architecture Based on a Mobile Operating System
Sebastian Osswald, Markus Lienkamp

Shared Gaze in the Car: Towards a Better Driver-Passenger Collaboration
Bernhard Maurer, Sandra Tr_sterer, Magdalena G_rtner, Martin Wuchse, Axel Baumgartner, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, David Wilfinger, Manfred Tscheligi

Experience Maps: Experience-Enhanced Routes for Car Navigation
Bastian Pfleging, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Stefan Schneegass, Manfred Tscheligi

Clarity of View
Dee Kivett, Fei He, David Smith

Eye Tracking in the Car: Challenges in a Dual-Task Scenario on a Test Track
Sandra Trösterer, David Wilfinger, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Manfred Tscheligi

Dash Designer: A Multi-Modal Design Tool for Vehicle Interactivity
J. David Smith, Andreas Kasprzok, J. David Smith

Relationship between Drivers' Self-Reported Health and Technology Perceptions Across the Lifespan
Chaiwoo Lee, Alea Mehler, Bryan Reimer, Bruce Mehler, Joseph Coughlin

A Multimodal Air Gesture Interface for In Vehicle Menu Navigation
Keenan May, Thomas Gable, Bruce Walker

Context-aware in-car advertising: the role of message composition and service type
Peter Froehlich, Jýrgen Rehak

Interactive Demo

EyeVIUS: Intelligent Vehicles in Intelligent Urban Spaces
Mohammad Mehdi Moniri, Christian Müller