— Call for bids to host ACM AutomotiveUI in 2025

Call for bids to host AutomotiveUI in 2025
Submission deadline: December 17, 2023

AutomotiveUI is the premier forum for human-machine interaction in the automotive and broader mobility domain. The conference brings together researchers and practitioners interested in both the technical and the human aspects of user interfaces and applications, related to both manual and automated vehicles, as well as other traffic users in the mobility context. The conference provides a forum for the exchange of information concerning research, practice, regulatory, and educational activities related to human-machine interaction for vehicles.
The AutomotiveUI Steering Committee (SC) is calling for bids to host the conference in 2025 and an expression of interest if bidders would also be willing to host it in 2026. For full consideration, bids should be submitted by email to the SC co-chair Alexander Meschtscherjakov (alexander.meschtscherjakov(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)plus.ac.at) by December 17, 2023.

Applications for 2025/2026 can come from any region of the world. However, we would like to avoid holding the conference in the same region in consecutive years.  In 2022, the conference was held in South Korea (for the first time in the Asian region), in 2023, it was held in Germany, and in 2024 it will be held in the US.

Bids should be brief (no more than 6 pages), and include the following information:
1. Organizers. At a minimum, the list of organizers should include general chair(s) and paper chair(s).
We encourage the organizers to be a diverse group with a range of experience, geographical locations, ethnicity, etc.
Please include a brief bio that highlights prior experience in organizing conferences, if any.  

2. Proposed location. Provide the following:
  a. Brief description of the conference city
  b. Brief description of possible conference venues
  c. A statement on whether it will be possible to participate in the conference for those who cannot attend in person the conference (e.g. options for online participation, hybrid mode, online presentations etc.).

3. Planned dates. The conference is usually held in the Fall (mid of September).  Use SIGCHI (https://sigchi.org/conferences/) and other resources to propose dates that do not overlap with other relevant events. Alternatively, propose co-locating with another SIGCHI (or other) conference. Provide a draft program for each conference day.

4. Statement of commitment to work with ACM. AutomotiveUI is an ACM SIGCHI conference. The General Chair(s) must commit to working with the ACM in organizing the conference.

5. Statement that the General Chair(s) have reviewed the ACM SIGCHI guidance on organizing a conference. The guidance can be found at https://sigchi.org/conferences/organizer-resources/organising-a-sigchi-sponsored-or-co-sponsored-conference/.

6. Planned direction/organization of the conference. The default is that the direction of the conference, and the general way it is organized, should not change from year-to-year. However, proposals for such changes are welcome, if they would improve the conference in some way (e.g. increase diversity and inclusion in community, improve review process). The default way to organize the conference is to have an in-person event and also allow for remote participation, at least for authors of published papers.

7. Management plan. Provide an outline of how the conference will be managed, from the time the bid is awarded, to the concluding event at the conference. At a minimum the bid should explain what tools will be used, how frequently meetings will be held, who will be responsible for which tasks, and how experiences accumulated at prior conferences will be utilized. It is assumed that the conference is a community event, mostly organized by volunteers and not an event agency.

8. Budget estimate. The estimate should provide a plan for completing the conference with a surplus of funds.

9. Cost estimate for participants. The estimate should indicate that participants can make the trip to the conference at a reasonable cost, when compared to other (commercial) conferences.

10. Supporters and sponsors. List entities that have either committed to supporting the conference or will be asked to support it (e.g. the General Chairs’ home departments, industry or government partners).

11. A plan to promote equality, diversity and accessibility. The AutomotiveUI SC embraces equality, diversity and accessibility. To promote equality, the conference must work towards providing equal opportunity to all to participate in the AutomotiveUI community activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, publishing, reviewing, volunteering, participating in decision-making regarding the conference, and organizing events. To promote diversity, the conference must work towards the inclusion of members of those groups that are underrepresented in the communities that make up the stakeholders of the conference. To promote accessibility, the conference must work towards securing accommodations for all of the stakeholders of the conference who need them. These accommodations include, but are not limited to, sign language translation, captioning, and accessible physical conference spaces.

12. Sustainability plan. You can make your proposal stronger by optionally indicating to what extent you consider sustainability in your conference organization (e.g. not printing conference proceedings, conference catering/reusable tableware, but also saving CO2 through remote participation, sustainable modes of transportation, etc.).

13. EoI for 2026: Express your interest in alternatively hosting the conference in 2026, please answer with yes, no, or unknown at this point.

Please note that General Chair(s), Program Chairs, and other Organizing Committee members have to be approved by SIGCHI. The approval means that nominated volunteers will be checked in the ACM sanctions database as per ACM policy: https://www.acm.org/about-acm/enforcement-of-acm-policies

Bidders can contact any of the AutomotiveUI SC members (https://www.auto-ui.org/conference-series/steering-committee/) to discuss any aspect of the bid before submitting.

The AutomotiveUI SC expects to select the winning bid by February, 2024.

Best Regards
Alexander Meschtscherjakov & Ronald Schroeter
(AutoUI Steering Committee Co-Chairs)