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TENTATIVE. Program information will be updated regularly until the start of AutomotiveUI 2021.

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM UTC
WiP Poster Interactive Discussion Session  3

Join the authors of work-in-progress in interactive sessions to discuss their work face-to-face. Lots of this work is presented by junior scholars, so this is your chance to meet tomorrow’s AutomotiveUI leaders.

  1. FlowMotion: Exploring the Intuitiveness of Fluid Motion Based Communication in eHMI Design for Vehicle-Pedestrian Communication
    Debargha Dey, Brent Temmink, Daan Sonnemans, Karijn Den, Lotte van Berkel, Bastian Pfleging
  2. Scaling up Automated Vehicles’ eHMI Communication Designs to Interactions with Multiple Pedestrians – Putting eHMIs to the Test
    Marc Wilbrink, Manja Nuttelmann, Michael Oehl
  3. Signaling Yielding Intent with eHMIs: the Timing Determines an Efficient Crossing
    Hatice Sahin, Kevin Daudric, Heiko Mueller, Susanne CJ Boll
  4. Virtual Horse: an Anthropomorphic Notification Interface for Traffic Accident Reduction
    Fengyusheng Wang, Chia-Ming Chang, Takeo Igarashi
  5. Evaluation of graphical human-machine interfaces for turning manoeuvres in automated vehicles
    Ina Krefting, Alexander Trende, Anirudh Unn, Jochem Rieger, Andreas Luedtke, Martin Fränzle
  6. Exploratory Breaks: A User Interface that Encourages Car Drivers to Take Valuable Breaks
    Melanie Berger, Aditya Dandeka, Regina Bernhaupt, Bastian Pfleging
  7. Origo Steering Wheel: Improving Tactile Feedback for Steering Wheel IVIS Interaction using Embedded Haptic Wave Guides and Constructive Wave Interference
    Ahmed Farooq, Hanna Venesvirta, Hasse Sinivaara, Mikko Laaksonen, Arto Hippula, Veikko Surakka, Roope Raisamo
  8. Evaluation of Driver’s Sense of Control in Lane Change Maneuvers with a Cooperative Steering Control System
    Kohei Tatsumi, Akira Utsumi, Tetsushi Ikeda, Yumiko O. Kato, Isamu Nagasawa, Kazuhiko Takahashi
  9. The TOR Agent: Improving Driver Take-Over with Reinforcement Learning
    Jakob Kuen, Clemens Schartmüller, Philipp Wintersberger
  10. A VR-Based Simulator Using Motion Feedback of a Real Powered Wheelchair for Evaluation of Autonomous Navigation Systems
    Hiroshi Yoshitake, Kazuto Futawatari, Motoki Shino
  11. Developers' Information Needs during Test Drives with Automated Vehicles in Real Traffic: A Focus Group Study
    Franziska Henze, Natalie Magdalena Stasinski, Dennis Fassbender, Christoph Stiller
  12. Designing Collaboration between Human Beings and Self-driving Heavy Vehicles with Emerging Interaction Technologies
    Johan Fagerlönn, Anna Sirkka, Lina Orrell, Yanqing Zhang, Stefan Larsson, Elin Tybring, Hanna Rönntoft

09:00 - 10:00 AM UTC
Full Paper Presentation 7

Hatice Şahin
Debargha Dey

New methods: What's in your toolbox?

Automatic Generation of Road Trip Summary Video for Reminiscence and Entertainment using Dashcam Video 
Kana Bito, Itiro Siio, Yoshio Ishiguro, Kazuya Takeda

Measuring user experience in automated driving: Developing a single-item measure
Chantal Himmels, Kamil Omozik, Oliver Jarosch, Axel Buchner

Development and Evaluation of a Data Privacy Concept for a Frustration-Aware In-Vehicle System
Klas Ihme, Stefan Bohmann, Martin Schramm, Sonja Cornelsen, Victor Fäßler, Anna-Antonia Pape

10:00 - 11:00 AM UTC
Full Paper Presentation 8

Yee Mun Lee
Joost de Winter

Brave new world: Displays and visualisations

Towards future pedestrian-vehicle interactions: Introducing theoretically-supported AR prototypes
Wilbert Tabone, Yee Mun Lee, Natasha Merat, Riender Happee, Joost de Winter

Visualizing Event Sequence Data for User Behavior Evaluation of In-Vehicle Information Systems
Patrick Ebel, Christoph Lingenfelder, Andreas Vogelsang

HMInference: Inferring Multimodal HMI Interactions in Automotive Screens
Jannik Wolf, Marco Wiedner, Mohamed Kari, David Bethge

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM UTC
Wonderme & Booths 5

Wonderme: a virtual networking platform to meet, socialize and chat with your peers and colleagues

Booths: chance to attend the virtual booths, meet our exhibitors and supporters, chat to members of labs from around the globe

1:00 - 2:00 PM UTC
(Limited Registrations)

Dr. Trent Victor
Director of Safety Research and Best Practices, Waymo

In this informal session, Dr. Trent Victor will provide an overview of his personal research goals and approaches during his career path, starting from his PhD at Chalmers University, to his current position at Waymo. This session is especially suitable for PhD students and Early Career Researchers and audience participation is encouraged.

This session requires enrollment during the conference registration. Enrollment is free, but comes at a first come, first serve basis.

1:00 - 2:00 PM UTC
Journal Editor Q&A

In this session, chaired by Professor Andrew Kun, colleagues with editorial duties of leading journals relevant to Auto UI attendees will provide tips on how to prepare your work for publication in a journal or conference proceeding, discussing the major “dos and don’ts”!

This session DOES NOT require enrollment during the conference registration.

Prof. Andrew Kun
University of New Hampshire

Associate Editor for International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (IJHCS) and IEEE Pervasive Computing (editing Education and Training department); Currently special issue editor for IEEE Pervasive and Journal of HCI

Prof. Linda Boyle
University of Washington

Past AE (AAP); Handling Editor (TRR); editorial board (TR Part F); Guest Editor Special Issues (HF, AAP) 

Prof. George Yannis
National Technical University of Athens

Associate Editor: Accident Analysis & Prevention, Advances in Transportation Studies; Editorial Board Member: Journal of Safety Research, Transportation Research Record, Sensors, Transporti Europei, Journal of Advanced Transportation, Transport Problems; Guest-Editor: Safety Science, International Journal of Transportation, Transportation Letters

Dr. Bill Horrey
AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Associate Editor, Human Factors Journal; Editorial Board, Applied Ergonomics; Guest Editor (Special Issues in AAP, HF)

Prof. Samantha Jamson
University of Leeds

Member of Editorial Board TRF

Prof. Orit Shaer
Wellesley College

Associate Editor for ACM Transaction on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI); Editorial Board of Foundations and Trends in Human-Computer Interaction; Currently special issue editor for IEEE Pervasive

2:00 - 3:00 PM UTC
Full Paper Presentation 9

Jiayu Wu
Alexander Meschtscherjakov

Watch your language!

How to Design the Perfect Prompt: A Linguistic Approach to Prompt Design in Automotive Voice Assistants - An Exploratory Study
Anna-Maria Meck, Lisa Precht

In-Vehicle Intelligent Agents in Fully Autonomous Driving: The Effects of Speech Style and Embodiment Together and Separately
Manhua Wang, Seul Chan Lee, Harsh Kamalesh Sanghavi, Megan Eskew, Bo Zhou, Myounghoon Jeon

Effects of Native and Secondary Language Processing on Emotional Drivers' Situation Awareness, Driving Performance, and Subjective Perception Sushmethaa Muhundan, Myounghoon Jeon

3:00 - 4:20 PM UTC
Full Paper Presentation 10

Na Du
Azra Habibovic

e-HMIs: Sharing is caring

Investigating the Effects of Feedback Communication of Autonomous Vehicles
Mark Colley, Jan Henry Belz, Enrico Rukzio

Towards a Scalable eHMI: Designing for AV-VRU Communication Beyond One Pedestrian
Debargha Dey, Arjen van Vastenhoven, Raymond H. Cuijpers, Marieke Martens, Bastian Pfleging

Stop or Go? Let me Know! A Field Study on Visual External Communication for Automated Shuttles
Alexander G. Mirnig, Magdalena Gärtner, Vivien Wallner, Michael Gafert, Hanna Braun, Peter Fröhlich, Stefan Suette, Jakub Sypniewski, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Manfred Tscheligi

Evaluating the Impact of Decals on Driver Stereotype Perception and Exploration of Personalization of Automated Vehicles via Digital Decals
Mark Colley, Mirjam Lanzer, Jan Henry Belz, Marcel Walch, Enrico Rukzio

4:00 - 4:20 PM UTC

What exciting video demos about novel interaction concepts and set-ups. These are followed by interactive discussions with the creators (via Wonderme).

  1. Designing for Prediction-Level Collaboration between Human and Real-world Automated Driving System
    Chao Wang, Thomas H. Weisswange, Matti Krüger
  2. Advancing In-vehicle Gesture Interactions with Adaptive Hand-Recognition and Auditory Displays
    Moustafa Tabbarah, Yusheng Cao, Yi Liu, Myounghoon Jeon
  3. Don't Worry, I'm in Control! Is Users’ Trust in Automated Driving Different When Using a Continuous Ambient Light HMI Compared to an Auditory HMI?
    Tyron Louw, Ruth Madigan, Yee Mun Lee, Cinzia De Marco, Jorge Lorente Mallada, Natasha Merat
  4. Acceptance is in the Eye of the Stakeholder - Gathering the Needs for Automated Road Transport Logistics
    Jelena Rosic, Florian Hammer, Michael Gafert, Peter Fröhlich
  5. Mixed Reality Environment for Testing Automated Vehicle and Pedestrian Interaction
    Maikol Funk Drechsler, Jakob Benedikt Peintner, Georg Seifert, Werner Huber, Andreas Riener

5:00 - 6:00 PM UTC
Closing Keynote & Panel Session


Jane Lappin
TRB Committee on Vehicle-Highway Automation

Jane Lappin chairs the National Academies of Engineering Transportation Research Board Vehicle-Highway Automation Committee and is co-founder of the annual Automated Road Transportation Symposium. She is recently retired as Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs for Toyota Research Institute where she monitored global regulatory affairs related to highly automated vehicles. Previously, Jane worked for USDOT Volpe Center, where she managed projects assessing public response to advanced vehicle technologies and the impact of those technologies on driver behavior. Jane served as USDOT secretariat to the trilateral US-EU-JPN international research collaboration on intelligent transportation, and as the US co-chair of the US-EU-Japan Automation in Road Transportation Working Group. Before discovering her true calling in transportation, Jane worked for Abt Associates in their business strategy group, for the Canadian International Development Agency evaluating women’s economic development programs in Bangladesh, and co-directing a public health survey in Haiti. She studied sociology as an undergraduate at Boston University and earned an MBA from the Simmons College Graduate School of Management, the world’s only all women’s business school. Ms. Lappin is currently consulting on automated vehicles safety, operations, and policy issues.

Asaf Degani
General Motors

Asaf Degani is a Technical Fellow at General Motors R&D.  His research focus is on the analysis and design of human-machine interaction with special emphasis on autonomy.  He supports several major projects at GM concerning automated vehicles and leads research work on the implications of this technology with respect to the public space, public acceptance, and ethics.

6:00 - 7:00 PM UTC11:00 PM - 1:00 AM UTC
Wonderme & Booths

Wonderme: a virtual networking platform to meet, socialize and chat with your peers and colleagues

Booths: chance to attend the virtual booths, meet our exhibitors and supporters, chat to members of labs from around the globe