Program: Day 1

Monday, October 24, 2016

Workshops, Tutorials, & Doctoral Colloquium

Please note: Unfortunately, the OpenDS convention as part of the preliminary program for AutomotiveUI 2016 has been canceled. As an alternative, there are 8 workshops and tutorials, which you can attend.

Day 1 Highlights: The basic structure is as is in the past, but the goal is to have every doctoral colloquium submitter present (so all students get feedback, not just the good ones) and to have a meet and greet event to help with meeting more people.  The workshops will have a smaller maximum capacity than last year to provide for more interaction (and there will need to be more workshops/tutorials) so everyone can be accommodated.  In addition, the goal is to have a few tutorials on topics that support what we do.  They are not intended to be papers in disguise.

Time Event
08:00 Registration – Concourse – 2nd floor
08:00-09:00 Coffee/tea/water – Concourse-2nd floor (available all day for breaks)
Room Michigan, floor2 Hussey, floor2 Henderson, floor3 Vandenberg, floor2 TBA
09:00-13:00 W1: Situational Awareness in Semi-Automated Vehicles W2: CLW 2016 T1: In-Vehicle Auditory Interactions T2: Prototyping HMI for Autonomous Vehicles Doctoral colloquium: morning sessions
13:00-14:00 Lunch – Concourse-2nd floor
14:00-18:00  W4: Situation Awareness T4: Attention Directing Cues T3: Driving with Music W3: Ethically Inspired UIs Doctoral colloquium: afternoon sessions
18:00-18:30 “speed dating” meet and greet (not meat and grape) with business card exchange

ballroom – seats 200 (rounds), use other rooms as well if 250

18:30-late Dinner – Michigan ballroom – seats 200 (rounds) League Ballroom , use other rooms as well if 250