Program: Day 3

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Main Conference Day

Day 2 follows the structure of the past.  We strongly urge attendees to stay for dinner on Wednesday night.  One of the 2 main goals is it build personal connections with future collaborators and research sponsors.  We don’t want attendees to meet during breaks and say, “we should talk after the meeting,” but to use this time to make real plans for how they will work together.

Time Duration Event
07:30-09:30 Registration – Concourse, floor2
07:30-18:00 all day Coffee/tea/water – Concourse, floor2
08:00-17:30 all day Exhibits: Michigan & Kalamazoo, floor2
08:00-9:20 80 Paper session 5 – Touch/Haptic Interfaces – Ballroom, floor2

  • You Do Not Have to Touch to Select: A Study on Predictive In-car Touchscreen with Mid-air Selection, Bashar Ahmad, Patrick Langdon, Simon Godsill, Richard Donkor, Rebecca Wilde and Lee Skrypchuk
  • Investigating Pressure Input and Haptic Feedback for In-Car Touchscreens and Touch Surfaces, Alexander Ng and Stephen Brewster
  • Evaluation of Haptic Patterns on a Steering Wheel, Gözel Shakeri, John Williamson and Stephen Brewster
  • Advantages of Active Haptics on Touch Surfaces, Ercan Tunca and Rene Fleischer
09:20-09:35 15 Break – Coffee/tea/water – Concourse, floor2
09:35-10:35 60 Paper session 6 – Understanding Issues of Distraction – Ballroom, floor2

  • Effects of Mediating Notifications based on Task Load, Rahul Rajan, Ted Selker and Ian Lane
  • An Eye-tracking Evaluation of Driver Distraction and Unfamiliar Road Signs, Stephanie Hurtado and Sonia Chiasson
  • Twist It, Touch It, Push It, Swipe It: Evaluating Secondary Input Devices for Use with an Automotive Touchscreen HMI, David Large, Gary Burnett, Elizabeth Crundall, Glyn Lawson and Lee Skrypchuk
10:35-10:50 15 Lunch – Concourse & Ballroom, floor2
10:50-11:50 60 Paper session 7 – Distraction Measurement for New HMIs/systems – Ballroom, floor2

  • On the Visual Distraction Effects of Audio-Visual Route Guidance, Tuomo Kujala, Hilkka Grahn, Jakke Mäkelä and Annegret Lasch
  • T9+HUD: Physical Keypad and HUD Improve Driving Performance while Typing and Driving, Gabriela Villalobos, Antti Oulasvirta and Tuomo Kujala
  • Head-Up vs. Head-Down Displays: Examining Traditional Methods of Display Assessment While Driving, Missie Smith, Christian Conley and Joseph L. Gabbard
11:50-12:50 60 Lunch – Concourse & Ballroom, floor2
12:50-14:10 80 Paper session 8 – Autonomous driving – the larger issues  – Ballroom, floor2

  • Towards A Taxonomy of Autonomous Vehicle Handover Situations, Roderick McCall, Fintan McGee, Alexander Meschtscherjakov and Nicolas Louveton
  • A Question of Trust: An Ethnographic Study of Automated Cars on Real Roads, Jiin Lee, Naeun Kim, Chaerin Imm, Beomjun Kim, Kyongsu Yi and Jinwoo Kim
  • You Never Forget How to Drive: Driver Skilling and Deskilling in the Advent of Autonomous Vehicles, Sandra Trösterer, Magdalena Gärtner, Alexander Mirnig, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Rod McCall, Nicolas Louveton and Manfred Tscheligi
  • Behavioral Impact of Drivers’ Roles in Automated Driving, Bryan Reimer, Anthony Pettinato, Bobbie Seppelt, Lex Fridman, Joonbum Lee, Junghee Park, Karl Iagnemma and Bruce Mehler
14:10-14:25 15 Break – Coffee/tea/water – Concourse, floor2
14:25-15:40 75 Paper session 9 – Autonomous Driving Experience  – Ballroom, floor2

  • Autonomous Driving in the Real World: Experiences with Tesla Autopilot and Summon (Note), Murat Dikmen and Catherine M. Burns
  • Switching Back to Manual Driving: How Does It Compare to Simply Driving Away After Parking? Hidde van der Meulen, Andrew Kun and Christian Janssen
  • Assisting Drivers with Ambient Take Over Requests in Highly Automated Driving, Shadan Sadeghian Borojeni, Lewis Chuang, Wilko Heuten and Susanne Boll
  • The Exploration of Autonomous Vehicle Driving Styles: Preferred Longitudinal, Lateral, and Vertical Accelerations, Nidzamuddin Md Yusof, Juffrizal Karjanto, Jacques Terken, Frank Delbressine, Muhammad Zahir Hassan and Matthias Rauterberg
15:40-15:55 15 Break – Coffee/tea/water – Concourse, floor2
15:55-17:15 80 Paper session 10 – HMIs for Autonomous Driving – Ballroom, floor2

  • Your Turn or My Turn? Design of a Human-Machine Interface for Second Generation Highly Automated Driving, Yannick Forster, Frederik Naujoks and Alexandra Neukum
  • Towards Cooperative Driving: Involving the Driver in an Autonomous Vehicle’s Decision Making, Marcel Walch, Tobias Sieber, Philipp Hock, Martin Baumann and Michael Weber
  • PlatoonPal: User-Centered Development and Evaluation of an Assistance System for Heavy-Duty Truck Platooning, Thomas Friedrichs, Shadan Sadeghian Borojeni, Wilko Heuten, Andreas Lüdtke and Susanne Boll
  • Supporting Truck Platooning: Development and Evaluation of Two Novel Human-Machine Interfaces, Thomas Friedrichs, Marie-Christin Ostendorp and Andreas Luedtke
17:15-17:30 15 Closing remarks – Paul Green and others – Ballroom, floor2
17:30-? Birds of a feather meetings start, grad student gathering, doc colloquium follow up