Travel to Ingolstadt

Free Public Transportation in Ingolstadt

Every participant gets a Ingolstadt (zone 100) public transport ticket for free for the duration of the conference (17. Sep - 21. Sep).

The ticket will be printed on the flip side of the conference badge. There will also be an opportunity to use public transport free of charge for the journey to Ingolstadt (before you receive the badge). Information on this will follow.

Event train ticket

Tickets for long-distance trains (ICE, IC/EC, RJ)

Ingolstadt Hbf is connected to the European highspeed train network and there are direct trains to many cities in Germany and beyond.

If you plan to arrive by train, we offer the Deutsche Bahn’s Event Ticket, which is often a cheaper way of traveling with sustainable long-distance trains powered by 100% renewable energy.

With the event ticket, you can use the services of the german rail network during the Automotive UI 2023 period. The offer is a cooperation of Deutsche Bahn. Book a ticket in time for your stay in Germany.

Please note that every accessibility support and every ticket for wheelchair users have to be booked via +49 30 65212888 or, for further information please contact

We noticed that some browsers have issues showing available train connections (e.g., due to adblockers). Please try a different browser or contact the Deutsche Bahn Service Center via phone: ‭+49 30 586020901‬ (8:00 am – 8:00 pm every day, CET).

Step by step guide: Event train ticket

Tickets for regional trains (RE, RB, S)

For local trains, you can on the one hand use the booking platforms mentioned for long distance trains above to book a single or return ticket.

  • What are regional trains? Regional trains usually have names or train numbers that are numbered with RE... or RB or S...  
  • Attention: DO NOT use the long distance trains painted in white (e.g., ICE and IC)
  • Attention: Most tickets are personalized, so carry a valid ID / passport for inspection
  • In addition to single tickets, there are special tickets which you might to consider buying for your stay:   
  • Bayern-Ticket (Regional day ticket for Bavaria) This ticket is valid in all regional trains and most buses, trains, and trams in transport association services. The ticket is valid from 9:00 am until 3:00 am of the following day (on weekends and public holidays from midnight onwards) and costs 27 EUR for one person (+9 EUR for every additional person, max. 5 people) in second class. First class is more expensive. 
  • Quer-Durchs-Land-Ticket (Day ticket for local transportation Germany): Similar to Bayern-Ticket but valid all over Germany for one day. Again, The ticket is valid from 9:00 am until 3:00 am of the following day (on weekends and public holidays already from midnight onwards). It costs 44 EUR for one person (+7 EUR for every additional person, max. 5 people) in second class. First class is not available.
  • Deutschland-Ticket (Monthly ticket for local transportation in Germany): Similar to the ticket above, but valid for a whole calendar month. It costs 49 EUR in second class for one person.   
    • WARNING: This ticket uses a subscriber model. Most resale points apply the official rules which indicate that you can only cancel the subscription in case you cancel before the 10th day of the last month (i.e. for a ticket in September 2023, you would have had to cancel before September 10, 2023 – if you book it now, in most cases you also get a ticket for October). So make sure to cancel your subscription right away!
    • Our recommendation:  We found an provider which a) allows to cancel the subscription if you cancel more than 24 hours before the end of the month (German time probably) and b) it allows you to buy and use your ticket through an app. So if you want to buy and use the Deutschland-Ticket only in September, please follow the instructions at
    • More details can be found at But we DO NOT recommend buying your ticket there due to the subscription problem mentioned above.

For Bavaria, there are more regional tickets, please have a look at

MUC Airport Transportation

If you are arriving at Munich (MUC) Airport, the Ingolstadt Airport Express bus (see pictures below) is the best option.

This bus leaves every hour.

The Ingolstädter Airport Express is the most comfortable way to get from Munich Airport (MUC, Terminal 2 E 03) to Ingolstadt (Nordbahnhof / West). An airport express bus to Ingolstadt is run from Terminal - 1, Stand No. 20 every hour until 24:00. It picks you up at Munich Airport and brings you quickly and comfortably to a centrally located bus stop in Ingolstadt. The return transfer from Ingolstadt to the airport is also possible.

The sale of tickets is possible here:

NUE Airport Transportation

If you are arriving at Nürnberg/Nuremburg (NUE) Airport, the subway U2 is the best option.

  • Take the subway U2 to the main station (Nürnberg Hbf)
  • From Nürnberg main station (Nürnberg Hbf) take either
  • Long distance trains (ICE, IC/EC, RJ) to Ingolstadt main station (Ingolstadt Hbf). This takes about 30 minutes
  • Regional trains (RE, RB) either to Ingolstadt main station (Ingolstadt Hbf) or the North station (Ingolstadt Nord), depending on the location of your hotel. This takes about 45-70 minutes.

Ticket Information

  • If you would like to take regional trains between Nürnberg and Ingolstadt, there are multiple options (see below). Most of them are valid on the whole route from the airport to your hotel / to the conference venue
  • If you prefer to take a long distance train, check the information below for the ticket itself. The type of long distance train ticket also determines which additional ticket you need to take the subway to from the airport:
    • If you have bought a long distance train ticket (Fernverkehr) that states "Nürnberg + City" (City ticket included), you only need an additional ticket for the subway section Nürnberg Airport to Nürnberg Langwasser (from there on, your City ticket is valid for a single ride to the main station)
    • If your ticket does not state "Nürnberg + City", in Nürnberg you need a subway ticket (Preisstufe A / price level A) from Nürnberg airport all the way to Nürnberg main station
  • Take a long distance train (ICE, IC/EC, RJ) to Ingolstadt. This takes about 3 hours, every 2 hours there is a direct train - otherwise you typically connect in Würzburg or Nürnberg
  • For ticket information, please check the Event Train Ticket section.

Conference Location

Esplanade 10, 85049 Ingolstadt


Nearest bus stop for the conference:

"Technische Hochschule"

Bus lines during the day:

10, 11, 16, 18, 20, 22, 41, 51, S6

Bus lines during the night:

N8, N9, N10, N12, N14