Wednesday: Main Conference

Tentative program

This is the tentative program. Please check this page for changes. Accessibility information will be updated soon.

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8:00 –  Registration

Location: Aula Hall A (main building)

Date & Location

Date: September 20th, 2023

Location: Lecture Hall E003

Registration: The Aula Hall A (main building), directly in front of E003.

9:00 - 10:45 Paper Session 3: Interventions in Driving Automation

Assertive Takeover Requests: Immediate and Sustained Effects on Stress and Performance
Vanessa Kraut, Lenart Motnikar, Alexander Mirnig, and Peter Fröhlich

Takeover Context Matters: Characterising Context of Takeover in Naturalistic Driving using SuperCruise and Autopilot
Shiyan Yang, Angus McKerral, Megan Mulhall, Mike Lenné, Bryan Reimer, and Pnina Gershon

I've Got the Power: Exploring the Impact of Cooperative Systems on Driver-initiated Takeovers and Trust in Automated Vehicles in Conflicting Situations
Marcel Woide, Linda Miller, Mark Colley, Nicole Damm, and Martin Baumann

Dangerous Slime: A Game for Improving Situation Awareness in Automated Driving
Yue Wu, Linhao Ye, Xianzhe Zheng, Hanfei Zhu, and Wei Xiang

Exploring Driver Responses to Authoritative Control Interventions in Highly Automated Driving
Liza Dixon, Norbert Schneider, Marcel Usai, Nicolas Herzberger, Frank Flemisch, and Martin Baumann

Driving with Black Box Assistance: Teleoperated Driving Interface Design Guidelines forComputational Driver Assistance Systems in Unstructured Environments
Hyeonggeun Yun, Younggeol Cho, Arim Ha, and Jihyeok Yun

10:45 - 11:15 Break

11:15 - 11:30 Video Presentation 2

Exploring user comfort in automated driving: A qualitative study with younger and older users using the Wizard-Of-Oz method
Chen Peng, İbrahim Öztürk, Sina Nordhoff, Ruth Madigan, Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser, Marjan Hagenzieker, Natasha Merat

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Unsuccessful Take-Over Attempts during Conditional Driving Automation
Timotej Gruden, Grega Jakus

Improving Safety At Highway-Rail Grade Crossings Using In-Vehicle Auditory Alerts
Chihab Nadri, Pasi Lautala, Elizabeth S. Veinott, Tauseef Ibne Mamun, Abhraneil Dam, Myounghoon Jeon

Annoyed of Traffic Jams? Fly with FeliFly!
Patricia B. Appel, Henrike Böck, Franziska Hegner, Claus Pfeilschifter, Andreas Riener

Do Drivers have Preconceived Ideas about an Automated Vehicle’s Driving Behaviour?
Yang Li, Yee Mun Lee, Yue Yang, Kai Tian, Michael Daly, Anthony Horrobin, Albert Solernou, Natasha Merat

11:30 - 12:30 Wednesday Keynote


Micromobility: An opportunity for future transport and a challenge for intelligent vehicles

Speaker: Dr. Marco Dozza, Chalmers University of Technology

12:30 - 14:00 Lunch

14:00 - 15:30 Paper Session 4: Interactions Outside the Vehicle

Scoping Out the Scalability Issues of Autonomous Vehicle-Pedestrian Interaction
Tram Tran, Callum Parker, and Martin Tomitsch

ARcoustic: A Mobile Augmented Reality System for Seeing Out-of-View Traffic
Xuesong Zhang, Xian Wu, Robbe Cools, Adalberto Simeone, and Uwe Gruenefeld

Designing Virtual Agent Human–Machine Interfaces Depending on the Communication andAnthropomorphism Levels in Augmented Reality
Yumin Kang, SeongA Choi, Eunsol An, Seokhyun Hwang, and SeungJun Kim

Investigating Hazard Notifications for Cyclists in Mixed Reality: A Comparative Analysis with a Test Track Study
Tamara von Sawitzky, Chantal Himmels, Andreas Löcken, Thomas Grauschopf, and Andreas Riener

Pimp My Ride: Designing Versatile eHMIs for Cyclists
Ammar Al-Taie, Graham Wilson, Frank Pollick, and Stephen Brewster

15:30 - 16:00 Break

16:00 - 17:30 Work in Progress Presentation 2

Detaching from the Windshield: Augmented Reality Interfaces for Infotainment in Fully Automated Vehicles
Tamara von Sawitzky, Ye Eun Song, Andreas Riegler, Andreas Riener

Exploring Mixed-Reality for Enhancing Driver Warning Systems: A Preliminary Study on Attention-Shifting Methods and Hazard Perception
Shih-Yu Ma, Nolan Brady, Xu Han, Neng-Hao Yu, Tom Yeh

Affective Role of the Future Autonomous Vehicle Interior
Taesu Kim, Gyunpyo Lee, Jiwoo Hong, Hyeon-Jeong Suk

Cross-Cultural Differences: Is a Weighting Scheme for the User Experience Questionnaire Worth Considering?
Denise Sogemeier, Yannick Forster, Frederik Naujoks, Josef F. Krems, Andreas Keinath

Towards Energy Efficient Driving: Prototyping a Cross-Device Coaching Experience for Electric Car Drivers
Ebba Lindberg, Linda Silberberg, Micaela Nilsson, Mohammad Obaid

In-Car Office: Can HMD-Based AR Alleviate Passenger Motion Sickness?
Markus Sasalovici, Stephan Leenders, Robin Connor Schramm, Jann Philipp Freiwald, Hannes Frederic Botzet, Daniel Keßelheim, Thomas Krach, Christian Winkler

How In-Vehicle Message Location can Impact Driver’s Attention Management
Aditya Dandekar, Rishaan Rishaan, Owen Read, Elliott Cain, Annemartijne Sevenster, Pablo Puente Guillen, Lee Skrypchuk

Ears Outside the Car: Evaluation of Binaural Vehicular Sounds and Visual Animations as Driver’s Blind Spot Indicators
Jani Lylykangas, Ahmed Farooq, Hanna Venesvirta, Roope Raisamo, Veikko Surakka

"Do You Want to Drive Together?" - A Use Case Analysis on Cooperative, Automated Driving
Jakob Peintner, Bhavana Malve, Shadan Sadeghian, Andreas Riener

Exploring the Potential of eHMIs as Traffic Light Alternatives
Andreas Löcken, Tamara von Sawitzky, Janine Bauer, Andreas Riener

Providing Explainability in Safety-Critical Automated Driving Situations through Augmented Reality Windshield HMIs
Carina Manger, Jakob Peintner, Marion Hoffmann, Mirella Probst, Raphael Wennmacher, Andreas Riener

Bird’s Eye View Effect on Situational Awareness in Remote Driving
Avishag Roni Boker, Joel Lanir

Investigating User Preferences for In-Vehicle Virtual Robots' Anthropomorphic Appearance in Augmented Reality Head-Up Display
Jianmin Wang, Yujia Liu, Zhixing Guo, Huijun Deng, Fang You

Enhancing Perception of Risk Objects for Car Drivers Through Augmented Reality Glasses
Chao Wang, Derck Chu, Marieke Martens

The Influence of Display Location on Motion Sickness: An Analysis Based on 6-DoF SVC Model
Weiyin Xie, Song Yan, Chunxi Huang, Dengbo He

On the Road to Enhancing Transportation Access for People with Disabilities: A Data Review of Accessible Autonomous Vehicles Research
Rafael Gomez, James L Dwyer, Andrew Peterson, Alexander F Bubke, Kevin Cocks AM, John Robert McPherson, Alex Paz

Exploring the Impacts of Mind Wandering on Driver Takeover in Automated Vehicles: A Comparative Study of Multimodal Displays
Miaomiao Dong, Egbe-Etu Etu, Lin Jiang, Gaojian Huang

Ecosimlab - A Low-Cost Driving Simulator Environment for Examining Human Factors in Vehicle Energy Efficiency
Jan Heidinger, Lukas Bernhardt, Thomas Franke

17:30 - 18:05 Automotive UI Townhall Meeting

18:30 Conference Dinner

Location: Wirtshaus am Auwaldsee

  • 3-min walk from the bus stop "Auwaldsee"


To get there: bus to conference dinner (line 51) departs at the bus booth in front of THI
at 18:17 (preferred bus) and 18:47


Way back: bus (N9, nightline, also changed the route of travel); departs at Auwaldsee every 30 min.
from 21:15 until 23:45 (last bus)