Monday: Main Conference

Tentative program

This is the tentative programme. Please check this page for changes. The main conference will take place in "Baekyangnuri". Main programs will be held in the Grand Ballroom. Accessibility information will be updated soon.

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Date & Location

Date: September 19th, 2022

Location: "Baekyangnuri", Yonsei University,
Yonsei-ro 50, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

The registration desk will be at the building entrance.

8:00 –  Registration

Location: building entrance

08:30 - 10:00 Conference Opening

Opening by general chairs
Yong Gu ji, Myounghoon Jeon

Opening Keynote: Designing Mobility Solutions for a Diverse World
Azra Habibovic

10:30 - 12:00 Paper Session 1: Accessibility & Sustainability

An Emergent Design Framework for Accessible and Inclusive Future Mobility
Henrik Detjen, Stefan Schneegass, Stefan Geisler, Andrew L. Kun, Vidya Sundar

You'll Never Ride Alone: Insights into Women's Security Needs in Shared Automated Vehicles      
Martina Schuß, Carina Manger, Andreas Löcken, Andreas Riener

(Eco-)Logical to Compare? - Utilizing Peer Comparison to Encourage Ecological Driving in Manual and Automated Driving        
Mark Colley, Jan Ole Rixen, Italgo Walter Pellegrino, Enrico Rukzio

Designing Sustainable Mobility: Understanding Users' Behavior
Shadan Sadeghian, Philipp Wintersberger, Matthias Laschke, Marc Hassenzahl

Designing an Inclusive Mobile App for People with Disabilities to Independently Use Autonomous Vehicles  
Nikolas Martelaro, Patrick Carrington, Sarah E. Fox, Jodi Forlizzi

Shape-Changing Interfaces in the Automotive Context: A Taxonomy to Aid the Systematic Development of Intuitive Gesture-Based EHMIS
Debargha Dey, Coen De Zeeuw, Miguel Bruns, Marieke Martens, Bastian Pfleging

12:00 - 13:30 Lunch & Exhibits

Events for Diversity and Inclusion are also planned! 

13:30 - 15:00 Paper Session 2: Take-over!

Development of Warning Methods for Planned and Unplanned Takeover Requests in a Simulated Automated Driving Vehicle
Sara Hong, Jooyoung Maeng, Hee Jeong Kim, Ji Hyun Yang

Enjoy the Ride Consciously with CAWA: Context-Aware Advisory Warnings for Automated Driving           
Erfan Pakdamanian, Erzhen Hu, Shili Sheng, Sarit Kraus, Seongkook Heo, Lu Feng

Conversational Voice Agents are Preferred and Lead to Better Driving Performance in Conditionally Automated Vehicles
Manhua Wang, Seul Chan Lee, Genevieve Montavon, Jiakang Qin, Myounghoon Jeon

A Lab-Based Investigation of Reaction Time and Reading Performance using Different In-Vehicle Reading Interfaces during Self-Driving  
Lei Hsiung, Yung-Ju Chang, Wei-Ko Li, Tsung-Yi Ho, Shan-Hung Wu

Investigating the Influence of Gaze- and Context-Adaptive Head-up Displays on Take-Over Requests           
Henrik Detjen, Sarah Faltaous, Jonas Keppel, Marvin Prochazka, Uwe Gruenefeld

Effect of System Capability Verification on Conflict, Trust, and Behaviour in Automated Vehicles           
Marcel Woide, Mark Colley, Nicole Damm, Martin Baumann

15:00 - 16:00 WIP & Video & Coffee break

16 posters & 9 videos are prepared for the first WIP & Video session!

Will be held in the exhibition room adjacent to the Grand Ballroom.

  • Work-in-Progress 1

Tangible Interaction with In-Car Smart Intelligence     
Mohamed Abd El Ghani, Nadia Berthouze, Nicolai Marquardt, Ravi Jani, Dom D.H. Hargreaves, Stephen James Wright, Hugh H.S. Smith

Simulator-Based Study of the Response Time and Defensive Behavior of Drivers in Unexpected Dangers at an Intersection    
Myeongkyu Lee, Sehan Kim, Daehyun Jung, Hyojun Lee, Jihun Choi, Hyunseo Han, Ji Hyun Yang

I See You: Eye Control Mechanisms for Robotic Eyes on an Autonomous Car  
Praveen Singh, Chia-Ming Chang, Takeo Igarashi

Can EEG Measurements be Used to Estimate the Performance of Taking over Control from an Autonomous Vehicle for Different Levels of Distracted Driving? An Explorative Study
Maykel M.P.G. van Miltenburg, Danny Lemmers, Angelica M Tinga, Michiel Christoph, Rolf Zon

Display Rotation for Reducing Motion Sickness Caused by Using VR in Vehicles         
Zhanyan Qiu, Mark McGill, Katharina Margareta Theresa Pöhlmann, Stephen Anthony Brewster

In-Vehicle Transitional Interfaces: User Journey in Virtual Reality         
Andreas Riegler, Ye Eun Song, Andreas Riener

Designing and Evaluating Meaningful Tactile Displays to Assist Takeover in Automated Vehicles         
Kimberly D. Martinez, Gaojian Huang

Chatting up an Automated Vehicle: Does a Text-based Chatbot Bring Back the Human Element into the Travel Experience?    
Vivien Wallner, Alexander G. Mirnig, Magdalena Gärtner, Alexander Meschtscherjakov

Using Task Switching to Explain Effects of Non-Driving Related Activities on Takeover and Manual Driving Behavior Following Level 3 Automated Driving  
Elisabeth Shi, Klaus Bengler

Pick Your CARbon: User Perceptions of Equivalencies for Carbon Emissions when Selecting Rideshares
Vikram Mohanty, Alexandre L. S. Filipowicz, Nayeli Suseth Bravo, Rumen Iliev, Scott Carter, David A. Shamma

Simulator Fidelity Influences the Sense of Presence in Driving Simulators       
Chantal Himmels, Teresa Rock, Joost Venrooij, Andreas Riener

Exploring the Use of XR Interfaces for Driver Assistance in Take Over Request 
Abhishek Mukhopadhyay, Vinay Krishna Sharma, Prashant Tatyarao Gaikwad, Ajay Kumar Sandula, Pradipta Biswas

How Manufacturer Brand Reputation Influences Evaluation of Human-Machine Interfaces: A User Study        
Yannick Forster, Susanne Daexl, Denise Sogemeier, Sebastian Hergeth, Andreas Keinath

Together Distracted? The Effect of Driver-Passenger Collaboration on Workload, Glance Behavior, and Driving Performance   
Melanie Berger, Patrick Ebel, Debargha Dey, Aditya Dandekar, Bahareh Barati, Bastian Pfleging, Regina Bernhaupt

Imagining an Inclusive Future for Shared Autonomous Vehicle Interiors: A Participatory Design Workshop Study         
Robin Severs, Jiayu Wu, Cyriel Diels, Dale Harrow, Joseph Singleton, Richard Winsor

Too Much of a Good Thing: When In-Car Driver Assistance Notifications Become Too Much   
Bruce Ferwerda, Domina Robert Kiunsi, Marko Tkalcic

  • Videos 1

Ready2drive – Interactive Online Video-Based Driving Tasks for Assessment of Driving-Related Skills of Older Drivers
Kristina Stojmenova, Nikolas Thomopoulos, Jaka Sodnik

What Do You Want for In-Vehicle Agents? One Fits All vs. Multiple Specialized Agents
Se Hyeon Park, Seul Chan Lee, Manhua Wang, Philipp Hock, Martin Baumann, Myounghoon Jeon

How to Manage Social Order in Shared Automated Vehicles   
Nikolas Martelaro, Debargha Dey, Gary Burnett, Helena Strömberg, Jonas Andersson, Andreas Löcken

Radical Innovations in Future Mobility and Virtual Assistants  
Kai Holländer, Lutz Morich, Natasha Merat, Gary Burnett, Virpi Roto, Wendy Ju, David Sirkin

Increasing Driving Safety and In-Vehicle Gesture-Based Menu Navigation Accuracy with a Heads-up Display   
Yusheng Cao, Lingyu Li, Jiehao Yuan, Myounghoon Jeon

A Critical Perspective on Radically Innovating Personal Mobility
Regina Bernhaupt, Mark Colley, David Goedicke, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Bastian Pfleging, Andreas Riener, Shadan Sadeghian

16:00 - 17:30 Paper session 3: Driver's expectations & Safety

The Impact of Environmental Complexity on Drivers’ Situation Awareness
Sami Park, Yilun Xing, Kumar Akash, Teruhisa Misu, Linda Boyle

Cause-and-Effect Analysis of ADAS: A Comparison Study between Literature Review and Complaint Data   
Jackie Ayoub, Zifei Wang, Meitang Li, Huizhong Guo, Rini Sherony, Shan Bao, Feng Zhou

The Impact of Expectations about Automated and Manual Vehicles on Drivers’ Behavior: Insights from a Mixed Traffic Driving Simulator Study  
Linda Miller, Ina Marie Koniakowsky, Johannes Kraus, Martin Baumann

Investigating Users' Preferences in Adaptive Driving Styles for Level 2 Driving Automation       
Zahra Sajedinia, Kumar Akash, Zhaobo Zheng, Teruhisa Misu, Miaomiao Dong, Vidya Krishnamoorthy, Kimberly D. Martinez, Keertana Sureshbabu, Gaojian Huang

Gesture and Voice Commands to Interact with AR Windshield Display in Automated Vehicle: A Remote Elicitation Study  
Nabil Al Nahin Ch, Diana Tosca, Tyanna Crump, Alberta A. Ansah, Andrew L. Kun, Orit Shaer

18:00 - Opening Reception

Opening reception will be held in the "Allen Hall", Yonsei University.