Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Work-in-Progress reports late-breaking findings or other types of innovative or thought-provoking work relevant for the AutomotiveUI community. Work-in-Progress contributions are presented as a poster at the conference. 

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Date & Location

  • WIP session 1: Sep 19, 2022 (Mon)
  • WIP session 2: Sep 20, 2022 (Tue)

Location: "MuakRotary Hall" (B132), "Baekyangnuri", Yonsei University

Work in Progress Session 1 (15:00-16:00, Sep 19)

Tangible Interaction with In-Car Smart Intelligence     
Mohamed Abd El Ghani, Nadia Berthouze, Nicolai Marquardt, Ravi Jani, Dom D.H. Hargreaves, Stephen James Wright, Hugh H.S. Smith

Simulator-Based Study of the Response Time and Defensive Behavior of Drivers in Unexpected Dangers at an Intersection    
Myeongkyu Lee, Sehan Kim, Daehyun Jung, Hyojun Lee, Jihun Choi, Hyunseo Han, Ji Hyun Yang

Display Rotation for Reducing Motion Sickness Caused by Using VR in Vehicles         
Zhanyan Qiu, Mark McGill, Katharina Margareta Theresa Pöhlmann, Stephen Anthony Brewster

Chatting up an Automated Vehicle: Does a Text-based Chatbot Bring Back the Human Element into the Travel Experience?    
Vivien Wallner, Alexander G. Mirnig, Magdalena Gärtner, Alexander Meschtscherjakov

Pick Your CARbon: User Perceptions of Equivalencies for Carbon Emissions when Selecting Rideshares
Vikram Mohanty, Alexandre L. S. Filipowicz, Nayeli Suseth Bravo, Rumen Iliev, Scott Carter, David A. Shamma

Simulator Fidelity Influences the Sense of Presence in Driving Simulators       
Chantal Himmels, Teresa Rock, Joost Venrooij, Andreas Riener

Exploring the Use of XR Interfaces for Driver Assistance in Take Over Request 
Abhishek Mukhopadhyay, Vinay Krishna Sharma, Prashant Tatyarao Gaikwad, Ajay Kumar Sandula, Pradipta Biswas

How Manufacturer Brand Reputation Influences Evaluation of Human-Machine Interfaces: A User Study        
Yannick Forster, Susanne Daexl, Denise Sogemeier, Sebastian Hergeth, Andreas Keinath

Together Distracted? The Effect of Driver-Passenger Collaboration on Workload, Glance Behavior, and Driving Performance   
Melanie Berger, Patrick Ebel, Debargha Dey, Aditya Dandekar, Bahareh Barati, Bastian Pfleging, Regina Bernhaupt

Imagining an Inclusive Future for Shared Autonomous Vehicle Interiors: A Participatory Design Workshop Study         
Robin Severs, Jiayu Wu, Cyriel Diels, Dale Harrow, Joseph Singleton, Richard Winsor

Work in Progress Session 2 (15:00-16:00, Sep 20)

In-Vehicle Interface Adaptation to Environment-Induced Cognitive Workload  
Elena Meiser, Alexandra Alles, Samuel Selter, Marco Molz, Amr Gomaa, Guillermo Reyes

Meta-Trend of Trust Factors in Autonomous Vehicles   
Rattawut Vongvit, Jieun Lee, Makoto Itoh, Seul Chan Lee

Efficient Interaction with Automotive Heads-Up Displays using Appearance-Based Gaze Tracking       
Murthy L. R. D., Gyanig Kumar, Modiksha Madan, Sachin Deshmukh, Pradipta Biswas

A Preliminary Study of Multimodal Feedback Interfaces in Takeover Transition of Semi-Autonomous Vehicles  
Jeonguk Hong, Sangyeon Kim, Gyewon Jeon, Sanghyeok Boo, Jeongmin Jo, Jieun Park, Seoyoon Jung, Jiwon Park, Sangwon Lee

Can Visual Motion Presented in a VR Headset Reduce Motion Sickness for Vehicle Passengers?        
Katharina Margareta Theresa Pöhlmann, Marc Stephan Kurt Auf der Heyde, Gang Li, Frans Verstraten, Stephen Anthony Brewster, Mark McGill

The Influence of Gaming Experience and Optic Flow on Simulator Sickness: Insights from a Driving Simulator Study         
Chantal Himmels, André Reinhold Czupala, Tobias Fahmüller, Barbara Fuchs, Lea Hauf, Linda Heidler, Prof. Dr. Andreas Riener

To Show or Not to Show: Redacting Sensitive Text from Videos of Electronic Displays  
Abhishek Mukhopadhyay, Shubham Agarwal, Patrick Dylan Zwick, Pradipta Biswas