Video Showcase

Video submissions are short motion presentations that showcase examples best communicated in this format or provide supplementary content to another submission (e.g. a paper). Authors will not present their work on stage. Rather, Q&A time and location are assigned to the video session, and the video will be showcased in a previously communicated slot.


Date & Location

  • Video Q&A 1: Sep 19, 2022 (Mon)
  • Video Q&A 2: Sep 20, 2022 (Tue)

Location: "MuakRotary Hall" (B132), "Baekyangnuri", Yonsei University

Video Session

Ready2drive – Interactive Online Video-Based Driving Tasks for Assessment of Driving-Related Skills of Older Drivers
Kristina Stojmenova, Nikolas Thomopoulos, Jaka Sodnik

What Do You Want for In-Vehicle Agents? One Fits All vs. Multiple Specialized Agents
Se Hyeon Park, Seul Chan Lee, Manhua Wang, Philipp Hock, Martin Baumann, Myounghoon Jeon

How to Manage Social Order in Shared Automated Vehicles   
Nikolas Martelaro, Debargha Dey, Gary Burnett, Helena Strömberg, Jonas Andersson, Andreas Löcken

Radical Innovations in Future Mobility and Virtual Assistants  
Kai Holländer, Lutz Morich, Natasha Merat, Gary Burnett, Virpi Roto, Wendy Ju, David Sirkin

Increasing Driving Safety and In-Vehicle Gesture-Based Menu Navigation Accuracy with a Heads-up Display   
Yusheng Cao, Lingyu Li, Jiehao Yuan, Myounghoon Jeon

A Critical Perspective on Radically Innovating Personal Mobility
Regina Bernhaupt, Mark Colley, David Goedicke, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Bastian Pfleging, Andreas Riener, Shadan Sadeghian