Demo & Industrial showcase

A Demo is an exhibition of the operation or use of a device, machine, process or product to an audience. We see demos as catalysts for innovation and collaboration between academic and industry. Demos should foster conversations around technology and methodologies relevant for the AutomotiveUI community. All demo submissions will be reviewed and get a chance to be presented in front of the audience in a dedicated demo slot.

An Industrial Showcase is a concise report of late-breaking findings or other types of innovative or thought-provoking industry-related work relevant for the AutomotiveUI community.  All accepted industry showcase submissions will be reviewed and get a chance to be presented in front of the audience in a dedicated industry slot.

Important Dates

All deadlines are AoE (anywhere on earth) on the date shown.

  • Submission deadline: July 11, 2017
  • Decision notification: August 4, 2017
  • Conference: September 24-27, 2017

Quick Facts

  • Demo submissions must consists of a max of 2 pages CHI Extended Abstracts Format (LaTeX, Word)
  • Industrial Showcase submissions must consists of at 2-6 pages CHI Extended Abstracts Format (LaTeX, Word)
  • Submissions must contain a thorough description of the technology / methodology being displayed, images or video links to the demo and a description of the demo requirements (space, power and connectivity)
  • Submission details will be published at
  • After the Conference: papers are accessible in the conference adjunct proceedings, available on the ACM Digital Library
  • Demo Chairs: Ignacio Alvarez, Martin Baumann. e-mail: demos2017(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)
  • Industrial Chairs: Nora Broy, Sebastian Osswald. e-mail: industrial2017(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)


Prepare and Submit

Submissions consist of one  document:

  1. Extended Abstract:
    • A 2 – 6 page extended abstract prepared in the CHI Extended Abstracts Format (LaTeX, Word), submitted as a PDF file without page numbers.
    • Any submission longer than 6  pages and/or not adhering to the Extended Abstracts Format will be automatically rejected.
    • Your extended abstract should be close to camera-ready.
    • Submissions must be in well written English. Note: If your English writing skills are not very good, we recommend to ask a professional editor to edit your manuscript before submission.

The submission should explicitly communicate:

  1. A concise description of the demo / showcase including requirements (power, connectivity, space)
  2. Implications of the work for the AutomotiveUI community

Also, please consider the following policies and guidelines:

Your extended abstract should be submitted by July 11, 2017 AoE to the demo and industrial showcase mailing list (demos2017(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign), industrial2017(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) and be prepared according to the requirements stated above.

Due to the short selection cycle, there will not be changes between your submissions and the camera-ready final documents, except in rare circumstances.

Selection Process

The submissions will be selected using a blind review process. After the initial reviewers make their recommendation, the final decision will be made by the work-in-progress co-chairs. Submissions are rated on two scales, overall evaluation and reviewer’s confidence. Accepted submissions will be made available in the AutomotiveUI Adjunct Proceedings, distributed by the conference (e.g., through USB sticks and on the conference website) and will appear in the ACM Digital Library.  All submissions are considered confidential during the review process.

Each submission will be reviewed on the following criteria, acknowledging the early-stage nature of the work:

  • Significance: How important is the problem or question that this submission addresses? How important is the output of this work in contributing to the identified problem or question? How greatly can others benefit from this work?
  • Originality: How novel is the contribution? How clearly does the submission communicate the ways that it differs from and goes beyond the most relevant previous work in this area? (Note that for a Work-in-Progress submission, full literature searches are not expected, although the most relevant citations should be included.)
  • Validity: How appropriate are the chosen methods for the work being undertaken?
  • Written Presentation: is the paper well written (e.g., no grammatical errors, references are formatted properly)?
  • Visual Presentation: How well does the description of the presentation effectively communicate the most important facets of the work? To what degree is the presentation of the work likely to draw in an audience?
  • Ability of the Work to Engender Discussion: To what degree will the presentation of this work stimulate interesting conversation among researchers or practitioners? To what extent will the presenters benefit from being able to discuss their work and receive feedback at this stage?

The extended abstract shall not contain sensitive, confidential, or proprietary information that cannot be disclosed at publication time. Confidentiality of submissions will be maintained during the review process. All rejected submissions will be kept confidential in perpetuity. All submitted materials for accepted submissions will be kept confidential until the start of the conference, with the exception of title and author information which will be published on the website prior to the conference.

Upon Acceptance of Your Submission

Demo and Industrial Showcase authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection on August 4, 2017. Authors of accepted submissions will receive instructions how to prepare and submit the publication-ready version, and details on the poster presentation and scheduling at the conference.

  1. Upon acceptance, you will receive a digital copyright form, which you are required to complete. You cannot change the title of your paper after you submitted the copyright form!
  2. Once the copyright form is completed, we will provide you with the copyright information you must insert into your paper.
  3. The final camera-ready version needs to be submitted via to the mailing addresses (demos2017(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign), industrial2017(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) The submission includes, and is not complete without, giving us permission to distribute your final camera-ready version as described above.

A member of the program committee and the publication chairs will check that the final version meets the requirements for publication and, if so, will finalize the acceptance. Authors are encouraged to submit their revision earlier than the deadline, in case it is judged that the paper does not meet the committee requirements. If the authors are unable to meet these requirements by the deadline, the work-in-progress chairs will be notified and may be required to remove the paper from the program.

Upon acceptance, at least one author must register for the conference by the early registration deadline in order for the Demo & Industrial Showcase  abstracts to be published.

At the Conference

Authors are expected to attend the conference and will be assigned a time and location to present their demo or industrial showcase to conference attendees. Demo and Industrial Showcase submissions whose authors are not at the conference to present  may be withdrawn from the Adjunct Proceedings and the Digital Library.

After the Conference

Accepted Demo and Industrial Showcase abstracts will be made available in the AutomotiveUI Adjunct Proceedings, distributed by the conference (e.g., through USB sticks and on the conference website) and will secure publication in the ACM Digital Library, where they will remain accessible to researchers and practitioners worldwide.