The program is also available as PDF.

Updated on Sept. 18th: (1) Video Showcase 1 was moved to Wednesday and merged with the other Video Showcase. (2) Session 2 will start before lunch and the first Poster and Demos Session will thus also start and end earlier.

The workshops and tutorials will be on Sunday, the main conference will be on Monday to Wednesday. The table below gives an overview of the full conference, while details are given on separate pages for each day: Sunday (workshop & tutorials) program, Monday program, Tuesday program, Wednesday program.

Sunday, 24.09. Monday, 25.09. Tuesday, 26.09. Wednesday, 27.09.
08:30 Registration Registration Registration Registration
09:00 Morning Workshops Welcome Session Session 3: Gestures Session 7: AV-Driver Interaction
09:30 Opening Keynote:
Michaela Schäfer
10:30 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
11:00 Morning Workshops Session 1: Comparing Input Modalities Session 4: Driver Information Processing Session 8: Peripheral Light Displays
(12:20) Session 2a: Pedestrians: Communication and Alerts (12:20) Pre-lunch Keynote
Andrew Kun
(12:20) Video Showcases
13:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch

Special Lunch Event: Becoming a Volunteer for ACM SIGCHI (Aaron Quigley)

14:00 Afternoon Workshops Session 2b: Pedestrians: Communication and Alerts Session 5: Fresh Approaches Closing Keynote:
Gordon Pipa
14:30 (14:20!) Posters and Demos 1
15:00 Closing Remarks
15:30 Coffee Posters and Demos 2
16:00 Afternoon Workshops
16:30 Social Event: Visit of Mercedes Plant in Bremen


Note: Buses will leave 16:50h STRICT

17:00 Session 6: Automated Driving: Output and Take-Over
19:30 Conference Dinner