Main Proceedings

Here you can download the main proceedings of AutomotiveUI 2017. The links below provide you direct access through the ACM OpenTOC service. The papers will be provided for free for the first year after the conference.

AutomotiveUI ’17 Main Proceedings

Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications

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SESSION: Comparing Input Modalities

Visual Distraction Effects of In-Car Text Entry Methods: Comparing Keyboard, Handwriting and Voice Recognition

  • Tuomo Kujala
  • Hilkka Grahn

An Evaluation of Touch and Pressure-Based Scrolling and Haptic Feedback for In-Car Touchscreens

  • Alexander Ng
  • Stephen Brewster

In-Vehicle Touchscreen Interaction: Can a Head-Down Display Give a Heads-Up on Obstacles on the Road?

  • Katia Buchhop
  • Laura Edel
  • Sabrin Kenaan
  • Ulrike Raab
  • Patricia Böhm
  • Daniel Isemann

Putting the Joy in Driving: Investigating the Use of a Joystick as an Alternative to Traditional Controls within Future Autonomous Vehicles

  • David R. Large
  • Victoria Banks
  • Gary Burnett
  • Neofytos Margaritis

SESSION: Pedestrians: Communication and Alerts

Did You See Me?: Assessing Perceptual vs. Real Driving Gains Across Multi-Modal Pedestrian Alert Systems

  • Coleman Merenda
  • Hyungil Kim
  • Joseph L. Gabbard
  • Samantha Leong
  • David R. Large
  • Gary Burnett

Gap Acceptance and Time-To-Arrival Estimates as Basis for Informal Communication between Pedestrians and Vehicles

  • Matthias Beggiato
  • Claudia Witzlack
  • Josef F. Krems

First Step into Visceral Interaction with Autonomous Vehicles

  • Raphael Zimmermann
  • Reto Wettach

Eyes on a Car: an Interface Design for Communication between an Autonomous Car and a Pedestrian

  • Chia-Ming Chang
  • Koki Toda
  • Daisuke Sakamoto
  • Takeo Igarashi

SESSION: Gestures

Designing an In-Vehicle Air Gesture Set Using Elicitation Methods

  • Keenan R. May
  • Thomas M. Gable
  • Bruce N. Walker

Novel Multimodal Feedback Techniques for In-Car Mid-Air Gesture Interaction

  • Gözel Shakeri
  • John H. Williamson
  • Stephen Brewster

The Effects of Situational Demands on Gaze, Speech and Gesture Input in the Vehicle

  • Florian Roider
  • Sonja Rümelin
  • Bastian Pfleging
  • Tom Gross

Clicks are in the Air: How to Support the Interaction with Floating Objects through Ultrasonic Feedback

  • Sonja Rümelin
  • Thomas Gabler
  • Jesper Bellenbaum

Pedestrian Interaction with Vehicles: Roles of Explicit and Implicit Communication

  • Debargha Dey
  • Jacques Terken

SESSION: Driver Information Processing

Differentiating Cognitive Load Using a Modified Version of AttenD

  • Bobbie Seppelt
  • Sean Seaman
  • Linda Angell
  • Bruce Mehler
  • Bryan Reimer

Using EEG to Understand why Behavior to Auditory In-vehicle Notifications Differs Across Test Environments

  • Lewis L. Chuang
  • Christiane Glatz
  • Stas Krupenia

Learning-by-Doing: Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy to Detect Habituation and Adaptation in Automated Driving

  • Stephanie Balters
  • Srinath Sibi
  • Mishel Johns
  • Martin Steinert
  • Wendy Ju

Visual Attention During Simulated Autonomous Driving in the US and Japan

  • Yumiko Shinohara
  • Rebecca Currano
  • Wendy Ju
  • Yukiko Nishizaki

SESSION: Fresh Approaches

What Did I Sniff?: Mapping Scents Onto Driving-Related Messages

  • Dmitrijs Dmitrenko
  • Emanuela Maggioni
  • Chi Thanh Vi
  • Marianna Obrist

Altering Speed Perception through the Subliminal Adaptation of Music within a Vehicle

  • Gary Burnett
  • Adrian Hazzard
  • Elizabeth Crundall
  • David Crundall

What We Can Learn from Pilots for Handovers and (De)Skilling in Semi-Autonomous Driving: An Interview Study

  • Sandra Trösterer
  • Alexander Meschtscherjakov
  • Alexander G. Mirnig
  • Artur Lupp
  • Magdalena Gärtner
  • Fintan McGee
  • Rod McCall
  • Manfred Tscheligi
  • Thomas Engel

Collaborative Experience Prototyping of Automotive Interior in VR with 3D Sketching and Haptic Helpers

  • Sang-Gyun An
  • Yongkwan Kim
  • Joon Hyub Lee
  • Seok-Hyung Bae

SESSION: Automated Driving: Output and Take-Over

Benefits of Personalization in the Context of a Speech-Based Left-Turn Assistant

  • Dennis Orth
  • Nadja Schömig
  • Christian Mark
  • Monika Jagiellowicz-Kaufmann
  • Dorothea Kolossa
  • Martin Heckmann

Development and Preliminary Evaluation of Reliability Displays for Automated Lane Keeping

  • Brittany E. Noah
  • Thomas M. Gable
  • Shao-Yu Chen
  • Shruti Singh
  • Bruce N. Walker

Control Transition Interfaces in Semiautonomous Vehicles: A Categorization Framework and Literature Analysis

  • Alexander G. Mirnig
  • Magdalena Gärtner
  • Arno Laminger
  • Alexander Meschtscherjakov
  • Sandra Trösterer
  • Manfred Tscheligi
  • Rod McCall
  • Fintan McGee

Comparing Shape-Changing and Vibro-Tactile Steering Wheels for Take-Over Requests in Highly Automated Driving

  • Shadan Sadeghian Borojeni
  • Torben Wallbaum
  • Wilko Heuten
  • Susanne Boll

SESSION: AV-Driver Interaction Paradigms: What is the Role of the Human?

What’s in a Name: Vehicle Technology Branding & Consumer Expectations for Automation

  • Hillary Abraham
  • Bobbie Seppelt
  • Bruce Mehler
  • Bryan Reimer

Driving Hotzenplotz: A Hybrid Interface for Vehicle Control Aiming to Maximize Pleasure in Highway Driving

  • Anna-Katharina Frison
  • Philipp Wintersberger
  • Andreas Riener
  • Clemens Schartmüller

Beyond Liability: Legal Issues of Human-Machine Interaction for Automated Vehicles

  • Michael Inners
  • Andrew L. Kun

The Importance of Interruption Management for Usefulness and Acceptance of Automated Driving

  • Frederik Naujoks
  • Katharina Wiedemann
  • Nadja Schömig

Investigating Remote Driving over the LTE Network

  • Ruilin Liu
  • Daehan Kwak
  • Srinivas Devarakonda
  • Kostas Bekris
  • Liviu Iftode

SESSION: Peripheral Light Displays

Individual LED Visualization Calibration to Increase Spatial Accuracy: Findings from a Static Driving Simulator Setup

  • Sandra Trösterer
  • Christine Döttlinger
  • Magdalena Gärtner
  • Alexander Meschtscherjakov
  • Manfred Tscheligi

Guiding Driver Visual Attention with LEDs

  • Gerald J. Schmidt
  • Lena Rittger

Situation Awareness in Automated Vehicles through Proximal Peripheral Light Signals

  • Tom van Veen
  • Juffrizal Karjanto
  • Jacques Terken

Ambient Light and its Influence on Driving Experience

  • Hanneke Hooft van Huysduynen
  • Jacques Terken
  • Alexander Meschtscherjakov
  • Berry Eggen
  • Manfred Tscheligi