For the first time, AutomotiveUI conference will have a Videos track. We would like to invite you to submit self-explanatory videos related to various aspects of AutomotiveUI. This can contain a presentation of research systems, visions of the future, humorous parodies or thoughtful critiques of AutomotiveUI, reports on ethnographic work or user studies through videos. Video submissions are independent of any of other tracks of AutomotiveUI 2017. So, authors can submit their research either as a paper or video or both. But we request an extended abstract accompanied with the video. Videos will be curated by the program chairs with a focus on content, lessons learned, novelty, and entertainment value.

Important Dates

All deadlines are AoE (anywhere on earth) on the date shown.

  • Submission deadline: July 11 extended to July 17, 2017
  • Decision notification: July 2017
  • Camera-ready papers due: August 2017
  • Conference: September 24-27, 2017

SubmissionPrecision conference submission system

Submission format:
Proposed videos must be accompanied with an abstract that will be used by the chairs to judge suitability to the conference and program. The abstract should follow the ACM extended abstracts template and must include:

  • Title
  • Authors (names, affiliation, email, address, etc.).
  • Abstract (max 100 words) and keywords.
  • One or more figures representing the video content.
  • Description of the video, including both a technical overview and an explanation of novelty, importance, and/or usefulness.

Selection process: curated.

Curated content is highly selective but does not necessarily follow a reviewing process by a committee. Curated content may be selected from submissions or invited by the track chairs. Authors should not expect to receive formal feedback on their submission other than the selection decision.

Videos will be curated by the Videos Chairs (and possibly a small group of curators), according to two main criteria:

  • Content: Is the material interesting to AutomotiveUI researchers and professionals? The topic of the video is ultimately up to the authors, but some approaches that have worked well in the other conferences include the following: presentations of research systems, visions of the future, humorous parodies or thoughtful critiques of AutomotiveUI, and reports on ethnographic work and user studies. A video’s content evaluation depends on how directly it addresses issues of relevance to AutomotiveUI, and whether its message is interesting and engaging.
  • Presentation: Is the video edited well? Does it make appropriate use of pacing, music, and special effects? Does it drag on, or will it hold an audience’s attention? Because the video program is a live screening, we strongly encourage creative editing of your videos. The tight time limit is imposed to keep videos short and punchy. In addition to effective pacing, your video should include appropriate music or soundtrack. Your idea may be brilliant, but if you can’t convey it in an engaging way, it will not make a good live video piece.

Original video submission is prioritized. However, if video has been published or released previously, please make clear in your submission any prior exposure your video has received.

Submissions should not contain sensitive, private, or proprietary information that cannot be disclosed at publication time. Submissions should NOT be anonymous. However, confidentiality of submissions will be maintained during the review process. All rejected submissions will be kept confidential in perpetuity. All submitted materials for accepted submissions will be kept confidential until the start of the conference, with the exception of title and author information which may be published on the website prior to the conference.

At the Conference: Accepted videos will be presented at the conference. We will provide more information after the acceptance notifications are sent out.

After the Conference: Accepted abstracts and videos Papers will be included in the adjunct proceedings of the AutomotiveUI conference, available on the ACM Digital Library.

Topics for video submission include, but are not limited to:

  • The entire research project (intro to results & discussion but of course, 2-3 mins maximum)
  • New research methods/approaches (instruction/introduction type),
  • Novel technology (overlapped with demo, but something they cannot bring to the conference),
  • Interview with experts
  • Visualization/sonification of their (driving/driver) data
  • Introduction of a concept (especially when it is not possible to demo it)
  • Results of a specific study
  • Explanation of the interaction

Requirements and Guidelines
Video content should be self-contained and self-explanatory. There will be no live narration or in-person introduction when videos are presented in the session.

  • Do not anonymize videos for review.
  • Videos should not exceed 3 minutes in length and 50MB in size.
  • Videos will be presented on a projected screen in the aspect ratio of 16 by 9.
  • Video content is expected to contain captions for increased accessibility. Human voice-overs by native speakers are preferred, but text-to-speech is better than no voice overs.
  • Video content should not contain advertisements or be heavily promotional in nature.
  • Submission files that are finalized need to be ready to be played as-is, without revision at the conference.
  • ACM requires video authors to sign a release granting permission to use the video content for the AutomotiveUI conference. Copyright of the video remains with the author. Video authors are responsible for obtaining permission for any third party copyrighted material (music, video, images, etc.) in the video. Such content should not be included unless permission has been obtained prior to submission.

Video Format Details

  • Our recommended video format is the .MP4 container format using the H.264 codec (main or high profile) for the video track and the AAC codec for audio tracks. Submissions in .AVI, .MOV, .WMV, or .MKV containers (possibly using other codecs) will also be considered.
  • Authors should verify that their submission is viewable using a recent version of VLC media player (cross-platform). Ideally, the submitted file will play on computers with recent Linux, OSX, or Windows operating systems without requiring third party codecs to be installed.
  • Videos should have the aspect ratio correctly set (i.e. playing them should not require user interaction to avoid stretching).
  • Check that audio and video tracks play synchronously, if relevant for the submission.
  • Do not use Digital Rights Management (DRM) on your video file submission.
  • Videos will be presented on a projected screen. Please use a horizontal resolution of at least 640 pixels. We recommend that you use the maximum resolution permitted within the file size restrictions (please do not exceed 2048 × 1080).

Submission Instructions
Please submit your video and video content abstract through the submission review website (PCS). For the video content abstract, the maximum number of pages is two. MS Word and LaTeX2e templates are available at the AutomotiveUI’s GitHub page. Authors are not allowed to anonymize the submission for reviews. The following resources would also be of your help to develop high-quality videos:

AutomotiveUI’17 Videos Chairs
Myounghoon “Philart” Jeon (Michigan Tech, US)
Hanneke Hooft van Huysduynen (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
e-mail: video2017(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)