Program: Tuesday

09:00 Session 3 – Gestures

Session Chair: Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Location: OFFIS, F02.

Designing an In-Vehicle Air Gesture Set Using Elicitation Methods
Keenan May, Thomas Gable, Bruce Walker

Novel Multimodal Feedback Techniques for In-Car Mid-Air Gesture Interaction
Gözel Shakeri, John Williamson, Stephen Brewster

The Effects of Situational Demands on Gaze, Speech and Gesture Input in the Vehicle
Florian Roider, Sonja Rümelin, Bastian Pfleging, Tom Gross

Clicks are in the Air: How to Support the Interaction with Floating Objects through Ultrasonic Feedback
Sonja Rümelin, Thomas Gabler, Jesper Bellenbaum

Pedestrian Interaction with Vehicles: Roles of Explicit and Implicit Communication
Debargha Dey, Jacques Terken

11:00 Session 4 – Driver Information Processing

Session Chair: Chris Janssen, Location: Alte Fleiwa.

Differentiating Cognitive Load Using a Modified Version of AttenD
Bobbie Seppelt, Sean Seaman, Linda Angell, Bruce Mehler, Bryan Reimer

Using EEG to Understand why Behavior to Auditory In-vehicle Notifications Differs Across Test Environments
Lewis Chuang, Christiane Glatz, Stas Krupenia

Learning-by-Doing: Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy to Detect Habituation and Adaptation in Automated Driving
Stephanie Balters, Srinath Sibi, Mishel Johns, Martin Steinert, Wendy Ju

Visual Attention During Simulated Autonomous Driving in the US and Japan
Yumiko Shinohara, Rebecca Currano, Wendy Ju, Yukiko Nishizaki

12:20 Pre-Lunch Keynote

Location: Alte Fleiwa.

Prof. Dr. Andrew Kun
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of New Hampshire, and director of the UNH Human-Computer Interaction Lab.

In-vehicle interfaces: From manual driving to automation
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14:00 Session 5 – Fresh Approaches

Session Chair: Sonja Rümelin, Location: OFFIS, F02.

What Did I Sniff? Mapping Scents Onto Driving-Related Messages
Dmitrijs Dmitrenko, Emanuela Maggioni, Chi Thanh Vi, Marianna Obrist

Altering Speed Perception through the Subliminal Adaptation of Music within a Vehicle
Gary Burnett, Elizabeth Crundall, Adrian Hazzard, David Crundall

What We Can Learn from Pilots for Handovers and (De)Skilling in Semi-Autonomous Driving: An Interview Study
Sandra Trösterer, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Alexander Mirnig, Artur Lupp, Magdalena Gärtner, Fintan McGee, Rod McCall, Manfred Tscheligi, Thomas Engel

Collaborative Experience Prototyping of Automotive Interior in VR with 3D Sketching and Haptic Helpers
Sang-Gyun An, Yongkwan Kim, Joon Hyub Lee, Seok-Hyung Bae

15:30 Poster and Demo Session 2

Location: OFFIS, Lounge.


  • SAV2P – Exploring the Impact of an Interface for Shared Automated Vehicles on Pedestrians’ Experience
    Marc-Philipp Böckle (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Anna Pernestål Brenden (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Maria Klingegård (RISE Viktoria), Azra Habibovic (RISE Viktoria), Martijn Bout (KTH Royal Institute of Technology).
  • Which Factors Influence Attitudes Towards Using Autonomous Vehicles?
    Patricia Böhm, Martin Kocur, Murat Firat, Daniel Isemann (University of Regensburg).
  • A Design Space for External Displays on Cars
    Ashley Colley (University of Lapland), Jonna Hakkila (University of Lapland), Bastian Pfleging (LMU Munich), Florian Alt (LMU Munich).
  • Design Possibilities for Vehicle Roll Motions as Feedback for the Driver during Automated Driving
    Stephanie Cramer (Technical University of Munich), Alexander Tobias Lange (AUDI AG), Stephan Bültjes (GIGATRONIK Ingolstadt GmbH), Jana Maria Klohr (Technische Universität Darmstadt).
  • The Impact of Vehicle Appearance and Vehicle Behavior On Pedestrian Interaction with Autonomous Vehicles
    Debargha Dey (Eindhoven University of Technology), Marieke Martens (TNO), Berry Eggen (Eindhoven University of Technology), Jacques Terken (Eindhoven University of Technology).
  • Automated Driving: Acceptance and Chances for Elderly People
    Katharina Diepold, Kerstin Götzl, Andreas Riener, Anna-Katharina Frison (Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI)).
  • Force-enabled Touch Input on the Steering Wheel: An Elicitation Study
    Jochen Huber, Mohamed Sheik-Nainar, Nada Matic (Synaptics Inc.).
  • Stretchertainment: Inducing Passive Stretching with HUD Infotainment in Automotive
    Suyoung Jang (Sungkyunkwan University), Hyochan Kim (Sungkyunkwan University), Jundong Cho (H-Lab.).
  • Blueprint of the Auditory Interactions in Automated Vehicles: Report on the Workshop and Tutorial
    Myounghoon Jeon (Michigan Technological University), Seyedeh Maryam Fakhr Hosseini (Michigan Technological University), Eric Vasey (Michigan Technological University), Michael Nees (Lafayette College).
  • Enhancing Driving Safety and User Experience Through Unobtrusive and Function-Specific Feedback
    Alexander Kunze, Stephen J. Summerskill, Russell Marshall, Ashleigh J. Filtness (Loughborough University).
  • Driving Acceptance: Applying Structural Equation Modeling to In-Vehicle Automation Acceptance
    Keenan R May, Brittany E Noah, Bruce N Walker (Georgia Institute of Technology).
  • Eyes-free In-vehicle Air Gesture Controls: Auditory-only Displays Reduced Visual Distraction and Workload
    Jason Sterkenburg, Steven Landry, Myounghoon Jeon (Michigan Technological University).
  • Transport Companies, Truck Drivers, and the Notion of Semi-Autonomous Trucks: A Contextual Examination
    Sandra Trösterer, Thomas Meneweger, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Manfred Tscheligi (University of Salzburg).
  • Touch Screen Maneuver Approval Mechanisms for Highly Automated Vehicles: A First Evaluation
    Marcel Walch, Lorenz Jaksche, Philipp Hock, Martin Baumann, Michael Weber (Ulm University).
  • Establishing Design Parameters for Large Stereoscopic 3D Dashboards
    Florian Weidner, Wolfgang Broll (Ilmenau University of Technology).
  • Using Eye-Tracking to Help Design HUD-Based Safety Indicators for Lane Changes
    Fang You (Tongji University), Yang Li (Tongji University), Ronald Schroeter (Queensland University of Technology), Jürgen Friedrich (University of Bremen), Jianmin Wang (Tongji University).

Interactive Demos and Industrial Showcases

  • Multi-level Force Touch Discrimination on Central Information Display in Car
    Jochen Huber, Mohamed Selk-Nainar, Nada Matic (Synaptics Inc.)
  • Designing for Enhancing Situational Awareness of Semi-Autonomous Driving Vehicles
    Chao Wang, Sander Steeghs, Debayan Chakraborty, Archita Gorle, Debargha Dey, Sietze van de Start, Adityen Sudharkaran, Jacques Terken, and Jun Hu (Eindhoven University of Technology)
  • ASAM: an Emotion Sampling Method for the Automotive Industry
    Michael Braun (BMW Group) and Karina Serres (LMU Munich)
  • Haptic In-vehicle Gesture Controls
    Orestis Georgiou, Valerio Biscione, Adam Hardwood, Daniel Griffiths, Marcello Giordano, and Tom Carter (Ultrahaptics Ltd.)
  • Rapid, Live Data Supported Prototyping with U.S.E.
    Clemens Schartmueller, Philipp Wintersberger, and Andreas Riener (Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt)
  • NERVTeh compact motion-based driving simulator
    Kristina Stojmenova and Jaka Sodnik (NERVTEH)
  • Dragon Drive Innovation Showcase
    Alexander Davydov (Nuance)
  • Evaluation of Driver Information Systems According to NHTSA Guidelines
    Rohit Kumar Sasidharan and Christian Lange (Ergoneers)
  • Adaptive Autonomous Driving Policies with GENIVI Vehicle Simulator
    Victor Palacios and Ignacio Alvarez (Intel Corporation)

17:00 Session 6 – Automated Driving: Output and Take-Over

Session Chair: Myounghoon “Philart” Jeon, Location: OFFIS, F02.

Benefits of Personalization in the Context of a Speech-Based Left-Turn Assistant
Dennis Orth, Nadja Schömig, Christian Mark, Monika Jagiellowicz-Kaufmann, Dorothea Kolossa, Martin Heckmann

Development and Preliminary Evaluation of Reliability Displays for Automated Lane Keeping
Brittany Noah, Thomas Gable, Shao-Yu Chen, Shruti Singh, Bruce Walker

Control Transition Interfaces in Semiautonomous Vehicles: A Categorization Framework and Literature Analysis
Alexander G. Mirnig, Magdalena Gärtner, Arno Laminger, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Sandra Trösterer, Rod McCall, Fintan McGee, Manfred Tscheligi

Comparing Shape-Changing and Vibro-Tactile Steering Wheels for Take-Over Requests in Highly Automated Driving
Shadan Sadeghian Borojeni, Torben Wallbaum, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll