AutomotiveUI, the International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications, is the premier forum for UI research in the automotive domain. It is the only international conference focusing on in-vehicle interaction technologies. Consistent with prior conferences, AutomotiveUI 2017 will address novel in-vehicle services, models of and concepts for enhancing the driver experience, driver performance and behavior, development of (semi-) autonomous driving, and the needs of different user groups, to support the development of in-vehicle user interfaces that are safe, easy to use, useful, and desired by users.

As a complete ACM conference for the first time in 2017, AutomotiveUI launches again in Germany after 2009, which offers valuable opportunities FOR German car manufactures and other entities to present their brand values, and to convey their understanding about the vehicle’s development trend. In addition, as AutomotiveUI brings together researchers and practitioners interested in both the technical and the human aspects of in-vehicle user interfaces and applications, it also provides the opportunity to exchange both technical information concerning research (and practice) and educational activities for motor vehicle user interface development.

The number of participants in the conference has grown steadily in recent years and this trend is expected to continue this year. In addition, participants are international with about 20% from the USA, 20% from the UK and 20% from Germany, while the remaining 40% come from 13 different countries across Europe and Asia, which is interesting for car manufactures aiming at global markets, especially the Asian market.

AutomotiveUI 2017 invites companies, foundations, institutions, and other entities to support the 2017 conference through financial sponsorship. Sponsorship brings incomparable visibility to the leading conference on Automotive User Interfaces. It is a great place to exchange with researchers and industry and the driving topics of the field, to meet leading experts in the field but also researchers and students who will form the next generation of experts in Automotive User Interfaces. Your support would be invaluable for the success of AutomotiveUI 2017.

Please join us in Oldenburg as an AutomotiveUI 2017 Sponsor.

AutomotiveUI 2017 General Chair,

Susanne Boll (chair2017(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)auto-ui.org)

Sponsoring Benefits

AutomotiveUI 2017 offers many opportunities created especially for sponsors:

  • Publicity: Sponsors are featured on the AutomotiveUI 2017 Conference website. This year’s conference is expected to receive worldwide press coverage through various media forms including technical publications. Your sponsorship of this premiere conference is a strong statement about your organization’s commitment to the field of AutomotiveUI as well as the professional development of your staff.
  • Professional Development: AutomotiveUI is the only conference focusing on in-vehicle interaction technologies. This gives you unique access to a mix of research students, educators and the world’s best AutomotiveUI researchers, along with mentors and leading thinkers in the field.
  • Recruiting, Networking & Business Development: Showcasing your organization through sponsorship increases awareness of your products and services. Moreover, should your organization be interested in hiring, your presence as a sponsor will enhance your efforts to recruit from among the foremost experts in the field.
  • Monday Evening Reception: AutomotiveUI 2017 is hosting the conference reception on Monday evening (18:00 to 20:00). Networking will be effortless at this gala event attended by all conference registrants.

Categories of Sponsorship

Gold Sponsors, €3000

  • Prominent Logo Display and Link on the AutomotiveUI 2017 Conference Web Site
  • Short company profiled on the AutomotiveUI 2017 Web Site on the Sponsors pages
  • Company logo as a Gold Sponsor in the proceedings and the conference program
  • Distribution of up to three company-provided promotional sheet as part of registration packet to attendees.
  • Two free full conference registrations
  • One free company presentation booth during the entire conference
  • Presentation of the Gold Sponsor by company designed roll up in the lounge area during the entire conference
  • Special Recognition as a Gold Sponsor in the Opening Presentation and Closing presentation
  • Distribution of up to two company-provided promotional sheets as part of registration packet to attendees.

Silver Sponsors, €1500

  • Recognition with company logo as a Silver Sponsor in print, on the Web, and conference program
  • One free conference registration
  • Presentation of Company Roll Up in the Exhibition Area
  • Special Recognition as a Silver Sponsor in the opening presentation and closing presentation of the conference
  • Distribution of one company-provided promotional sheet as part of registration packet to attendees.

Bronze Sponsors, €500

  • Recognition with company name as a Bronze Sponsor in print, on the Web, and conference program
  • Company Postcard in the Conference Bag of each participant
  • Presentation as a Bronze Sponsor in the opening Presentation and Closing presentation of the conference

Additional Sponsoring Possibilities

  • Company presentation booth – €2500
  • Social Event sponsoring – €5000
  • Excursion sponsoring – €1500
  • Advertisement (full page) in the Conference Program – €1000