Program: Monday

Mon 09:30 – Opening Keynote

Dr. Michaela Schäfer
Head of Global Purchasing and Chief Executive Officer of Office & Projects, HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co.

Software – innovation driver of the mobility solutions of tomorrow
Digitalization has a dynamic impact on markets and societies worldwide. Car functionalities, the automotive value chain as well as the E/E architecture will change significantly in light of the automotive mega-trends of autonomous driving, connectivity & digitalization, efficiency & electrification, and individualization. OEMs and automotive suppliers alike need to position themselves in this dynamic market environment to be prepared for the future.

Bio: Dr. Michaela Schafer serves as Head of Global Purchasing at Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. and has been its Chief Executive Officer of Office & Projects since May 2015. Dr. Schafer served as a Member of the Executive Board – Business Division Lighting at Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.


Mon 11:00 – Session 1 – Comparing Input Modalities

Visual Distraction Effects of In-Car Text Entry Methods – Comparing Keyboard, Handwriting and Voice Recognition
Tuomo Kujala, Hilkka Grahn

An Evaluation of Touch and Pressure-Based Scrolling and Haptic Feedback for In-car Touchscreens
Alexander Ng, Stephen Brewster

In-Vehicle Touchscreen Interaction: Can a Head-Down Display Give a Heads-Up on Obstacles on the Road?
Katia Buchhop, Laura Edel, Sabrin Kenaan, Ulrike Raab, Patricia Böhm, Daniel Isemann

Putting the Joy in Driving: Investigating the Use of a Joystick as an Alternative to Traditional Controls within Future Autonomous Vehicles
David Large, Victoria Banks, Gary Burnett, Neofytos Margaritis

Mon 14:00 – Session 2 – Pedestrians: Communication and Alerts

Did You See Me? Assessing Perceptual vs. Real Driving Gains Across Multi-Modal Pedestrian Alert Systems
Coleman Merenda, Hyungil Kim, Joseph Gabbard, Samantha Leong, David Large, Gary Burnett

Gap Acceptance and Time-To-Arrival Estimates as Basis for Informal Communication between Pedestrians and Vehicles
Matthias Beggiato, Claudia Witzlack, Josef Krems

First Step into Visceral Interaction with Autonomous Vehicles
Raphael Zimmermann, Reto Wettach

Eyes on a Car: an Interface Design for Communication between an Autonomous Car and a Pedestrian
Chia-Ming Chang, Koki Toda, Daisuke Sakamoto, Takeo Igarashi